• Oximo wu-model

Oximo Rúðuþurkublöð á bílinn Stærð L 550mm

Verð : 1.990kr

Vörunúmer : 1000011

Lagerstaða : Til á lager

Hágæða  Rúðuþurkublöð á Bílinn eru úr 100% gúmmí Og með silikon lagi yfir gúmmíið

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 PREMIUMUniversal windscreen wipers type U without skeleton, 575 mm length. Clampings type U 9 mm and type U 8 mm all in one. Windscreen wipers type U are characterized by clampings with so-called ‘hook” in form of letter U. Blades without skeleton construction with integrated spoiler, unique mixture of silicon and gum elastic, clampings of catch under cover, made of metal bodily.  Metal parts were made from resistant steel typ high carbon entirely galvanized, to protect long and effectively from corrosion.

polymer blend composition with a carbon fiber
increased resistance to mechanical damage
steel rail inside the spoiler with high-strength steel, fully galvanized
a blend of 100% high quality natural rubber coated with a layer of silicone thickness 80 um
increased resistance to weather conditions