• intenor-120

Intenso SSD 120GB, solid state drive , SATA 600,

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Vörunúmer : T220

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The TOP Intenso SSD uses the fast SATA / 600 interface from optimal.The TOP SSD achieves data transfer rates of up to 520 MB / s. The lack of moving parts solid state drives not only provide greater robustness than traditional hard drives, they also save energy and allow significantly faster access times.
Full details
Model Designation 3812430
series Premium
color black
Shape 2.5 inches
capacity 120GB
interface 1 XSATA / 600
Power connection 15-pin power connector
Data transfer rate Read 520 MB / s
  To write 300 MB / s
Chip Type MLC
Power Consumption Read Write 3 W
  Hibernation 0.5 W
MTBF 1 million hours
Features Trim Yes
Note 25nm
Festplattenadapter Installable drives (2.5 "internal) 1
  Required drive bays (3.5 "internal) 1
  Quantity 1
Dimensions (WxHxD) 70 x 7 x 100 mm
weight 76 grams
Further information Note: The specified data transfer rate for writing and reading are maximum values ​​(the manufacturer) and refer to the widely used ATTO Disk Benchmark. The values ​​actually achieved in everyday use can differ significantly depending on the application sometimes.