• HUDORA massage roller, medium, fitness machine 1

HUDORA massage roller, medium, fitness machine

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Faszienrollen are popular: With top athletes as well as fitness friends. Fascia training is a discipline for the one part of the overall training and for others. The HUDORA massage roller Large is suitable for all user groups. A massage role in the fascia should be designed for different loads. The HUDORA massage roller Large has a built-stamped relief with different surfaces. So you can train different "hard". Quality finish and materials such as the 1 cm thick EVA foam of the outer roller provide a durable product. The massage roller way, is abrasion resistant, washable and has a length of 46 cm and a diameter of 14cm, the perfect size to also be able to massage the entire back. A fascia training increases the capacity of tendons and ligaments and protects the muscles from injury. No wonder then that the Faszienrolle must for almost any fitness and yoga studio more. The HUDORA massage roller Large is a handy, portable exercise equipment for fitness and well-being. No matter what level you want to train as hard.
Full details
kind fitness device
Colour blue yellow
EAN 4005998832882
Manufacturer no. 76743
series Other sports
Content / features Massage role fascia training, Ca. 1 cm thick EVA Schaum
material plastic
Area training
dimension Width: 140 x height 140 x depth: 460 mm