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Herlitz Skólataska Kappastursbíll, dökk Blá

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Vörunúmer : 123075

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The dark blue Herlitz midi plus champion satchel can be easily sealed with a built-in click lock. You can wear it well and long, since the shoulder pads are specially ergonomically designed. He contributes as a motif a car. Including the Herlitz midi plus champion school bags, a pencil case, a round loafers and a large sports bag.

Full details
Type backpack
color dark blue
wearing Style kind shoulder
lock click lock
material Polyester, 3M material, 3D rubber application
dimension Outside Width: 370mm x Height: 380mm x Depth: 220mm
feature ergonomic back padding
accessories Pencil case (16 pcs.), Idlers round sports bag large