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Expain Relax Leggs Fótanuddtæki

Verð : 38.990kr

Vörunúmer : Unik 10100

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A piece of furniture that massages, heats and increases circulation with TENS technology. The Nordic innovative design makes it stand out by fitting in!

  • Increas circulation with TENS
  • Massages foot and calf
  • Adjustable heating
  • Controllable by smartphone


The Expain Experts
“Relax Legs TENS circulation technology exercise the muscles in the calves by activating and relaxing the muscles in a sophisticated manner. This makes blood beeing pumped into the feet and circulation is improved.”

“There is a reason why top athletes get massage everyday. Massage help the body get rid of impurities in a faster way, so that the restitution process is faster.”

“Heat is a well known treatment for soothing muscle pain. Heat both inhibits pain by bombarding the nerve sensors with signals, and heat increase blood circulation, which transport impurities away from pain areas .”

Suitable for Everyone
Expain Relax Legs is very easy to use and it takes only a few seconds to learn how to use it. After using the circulation training (TENS) for 30 minutes, the calves will have been through a great workout. The training is in many ways comparable to the workout your legs get by climbing stairs. It is used by everyone from athletes to people afflicted with restless legs, swollen legs, varicose veins or cold feet. Whatever form you will likely after a short time notice improvement. After the circulation training you can start the recovery process faster by soft or hard calf massage, foot massage, or both massages at the same time. When the cold winter come, keep your feet warm while watching TV, reading a book or the newspaper.

The TENS circulation trainer should not be used if you have a pacemaker, blood clots in the legs or in the first trimester of pregnancy. Metal screws in the hip or the like, however, is no problem. Ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice if you are unsure if the circulation trainer is something for you and your needs.

Expain Relax Legs is placed in front of you while sitting in a chair or sofa. The feet are placed into the rubber pads, and the calves are placed on the other side. Turn on and choose different massage, heat and/or TENS by the arrows. The program number or TENS intensity is adjusted with the buttons on the right side. With TENS, mild electrical impulses stimulate the leg muscles and blood is pumped into the feet. You will look that your legs muscles are working. TENS technology has been used to treat for decades and used by physical therapists and treatment centers for pain, swelling or cold feet. It comes with two rubber pads that can be inserted on the foot side for higher TENS intensity.

Patented Innovative Combination
A furniture that massage, heat and increase circulation is the perfect combination to save space in the living room. With EXPAIN innovative patented massage heads on the calfs you can change from soft to hard massage with the push of a button. Can be connected to smartphone for endless combinations of massage, heat and circulation. Closes to a sculptural shape when not used.