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  • Expain Relax Back Nuddpúðinn Þráðlaust

Expain Relax Back Nuddpúðinn Þráðlaus

Verð : 17.990kr

Vörunúmer : Unik 10110

Lagerstaða : Til á lager

Back massage give the option of instant relieve after a hard day at work. The Nordic innovative design makes it stand out by fitting in!

  • Hard or soft massage
  • 8 massage heads
  • Rechargeble and cordless operation
  • Designed to fit in your couch or recliner



Expain Experts
“Expain Relax Back is a product that meets the requirements for a good home product, with massage and heat combined with an attractive design. This product can I recommend to anyone with muscular pains and who will benefit from massage lower back, often in combination with professional help.”

“We used a long time figuring out how to make massage heads that could give both hard and soft massage without having the user change parts. The idea struck us when we sat in the back of a taxi in a traffic jam in China. The hardness of the massage is pressure, which depend on the force and the area the force is inflicted over. The solution was to have a small area to give hard massage in one rotational way, and a large area to give soft massage the other way.”

“There is a reason why top athletes get massage everyday. Massage help the body get rid of impurities in a faster way, so that the restitution process is faster.”

Suitable for Everyone
Let the massage pillow Expain Relax Back loosen you back muscles after a long work day. Recomended for people with lower back pain, but Relax Back feels good for everyone. Many people also use the Relax Back on tighs, glutes, legs and upper back when laying in the sofa. The strong motor actually let you sit on it, and it still gives good massage.

Expain Relax Back is very easy to use and it takes only a few seconds to learn how to use it. Expain Relax Back is placed on the backrest of a chair or sofa, and used while watching TV, reading a newspaper or a good book. Easy to use with 4 buttons; on/off, rotation direction for hard or soft massage, rotation speed I or II and heat on or off. The 2,5 hours battery time let you don’t have to think about charging all the time, but Relax Back can also be used while charging.

Innovation Meets Design
With EXPAIN innovative patented massage heads you can change from soft to hard massage with the push of a button. The 8 heated massage heads gives the feel of human touch. The nordic design let you keep EXPAIN Relax Back in the sofa like a pillow. High quality equals a strong and silent motor.