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DXRACER TANK GAMING CHAIR – OH/TC29/N Skrifstofu- eða Leikjastóll

Verð : 119.950kr

Vörunúmer : DXGC-T29-N-S8

Lagerstaða : Til á lager


DXracer's gaming chairs are well known around the eSport scene and the gaming chair of choice for eSport players and their followers. DXRacer’s Tank Series offers high quality gaming chairs focusing on comfort and ergonomics. In this series you will find models with a full size steel framework, a strong aluminum base, 4 dimensional armrests, a high backrest and an extra wide sitting space. The chair includes two safe 4-star gas lifts for you to choose from, a heavy duty tilt and an adjustable back angle. The seat and backrest are filled with cold cure foam covered with durable PU leather. Thanks to a superior quality of all the chairs’ components as well as ergonomic design – this chair will sure live up to the high standards of a lot of gamers out there! Recommended maximum length is about 200 cm and maximum load is 150 kg 


- Recline between 90° and 120° 
- Adjustable lumbar cushion and U-shaped headrest cushion are included 
- Armrests adjustable in multiple dimensions (4D) 
- 5-star wide aluminum base 
- Silent 3" PU caster 
- Comes with two gas lifts (difference in height: 2 cm) 

Some assembly is required


  • Recommended Lenght 180-200 cm
  • Headrest & Lumbar Cushion Included
  • Armrests 4D
  • Gas Lift Class 4 (SP/0309/N+SP/0310/N)
  • Control Unit Heavy Duty
  • Base 5-star Wide Aluminium
  • Caster 3"
  • Cover PU Leather
  • Colour Black
  • Weight 33
  • Weight Limit 150 kg
  • EAN:OH/TC29/N
Article no.:9320