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DXRACER RACING R0-NB Svartur Blár Skrifstofu- eða Leikjastóll

Verð : 75.990kr

Vörunúmer : DxGC-R0-NB-Z1

Lagerstaða : Til á lager


Vandaðir  Sterkir og Þægilegir stólar


Compared to the majority of office chairs on the market of DXRACER Racing Gaming Chair has a high back, which supports the entire spine from the pool floor to the neck. The backrest of the seat DXRACER can be adjusted to an angle of 135 degrees to. The angle between the backrest and seat can be locked in any position. The soft armrests of the chair DXRACER can be easily adjusted to the desired height. When properly adjusted, the armrest hand and arm to protect yourself from pain that can result from long-term use of the computer mouse. The armrests expand through its many adjustment the comfort of the user.
Full details
Type game seat
Colour black
Manufacturer no.  
Type game seat
armrest 3D
material reference leatherette
  turnstile aluminum IC
Load capacity up to 150 kg
height Suitable from 175 cm to 195 cm
equipment Chair mechanism with rocker mechanism and locking function, adjustable backrest up to 135 ° - almost to horizontal position, comfortable and indestructible cold foam moldings, stable steel frame with elastic bands developed from racing technology
mass 22 kg