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DXRACER RACING PRO R131-NO Svartur Appelsínugulur Skrifstofu- eða Leikjastóll

Verð : 73.950kr

Vörunúmer : DxGC-R131-NO-V2

Lagerstaða : Til á lager


Vandaðir  Sterkir og Þægilegir stólar


The DXRACER Racing Pro Gaming Chair is to support an extra high backrest to the entire spine well. The base forms a stable turnstile with three five-inch wheels made of polyurethane. The chair can be good to the respective user adjust, because you can not only vary the seat height, but can also adjust the 4D armrests and backrest. The built-in tilt mechanism provides extra comfort as well as the tilt lock. The pillow and lumbar pillow, you can install or remove as needed. The resilience of the DXRACER Racing Pro Gaming Chair is 115 kg.
Full details
Type game seat
Colour black red
Manufacturer no.  
Type game seat
armrest 4D
material reference leatherette
  turnstile Aluminum IC
Load capacity up to 115 kg
height Suitable from 175 cm to 195 cm
Consisting of Racing Pro
equipment available Pillow, lumbar pillow
dimension Width: 686 mm x depth: 533 mm
mass 22 kg