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DXRACER RACING GAMING CHAIR OH R0 N Svartur Skrifstofu eða Leikjastóll

Verð : 75.990kr

Vörunúmer : DxOH/RZ0/N

Lagerstaða : Uppselt



Vandaðir  Sterkir og Þægilegir stólar


Compared to the majority of office chairs on the market of DXRACER Racing gaming chair has a high back, which supports the entire spine from the pool floor to the neck. With a backrest tilt of up to 135 °, the DXRACER Racing Gaming chair be placed almost in reclining position. So after prolonged work also a relaxation posture. The pillow for the head and lumbar region additionally support an upright posture, as it is scientifically advised. The armrests can be adapted tailor. The stable hub provides an in-depth maintenance and five solid double security roles for the necessary flexibility at the desk.




Full details


game seat


Easy care synthetic leather, 100% polyurethane, aluminum


adjustable 3D armrests: adjustable in height, in addition, the pads can be shifted by 15 ° to the side and front and rear, sturdy nylon hub with applications, rolls Ø 5cm, height adjustable, tilt with locking function, adjustable backrest to 135 degrees, carrying capacity 100kg, tubular steel frame developed from the Rennsporttechnik, Designgebung ergonomically


including each a lumbar and neck cushions