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DXRACER Drifting Gaming Chair,OH/DE03/N Svartur Skrifstofu- eða Leikjastóll Hámarksþyngd 100kg

Verð : 63.990kr

Vörunúmer : DxOH/DE03/N

Lagerstaða : Til á lager

Vandaðir  Sterkir og Þægilegir stólar


The ergonomically designed DXRACER Drifting Gaming Chair with an extra high backrest has a base of a stable Aluminum hub with five double security roles. One can the seat height and angle (up to 135 degrees) adjust the backrest for easy customization of the game chair to the user. The amount of occupied with a wide pad armrests can also be adjusted individually. The lumbar and neck cushions provide a comfortable and straight sitting. A steel frame of the racing technology developed is integrated into the DXRACER Drifting Gaming Chair. The tilt mechanism with locking function for added convenience.
Full details
game seat
Leatherette; 100% polyurethane
extra high backrest; stable aluminum hub; Double security roles; Seat height adjustable;Adjustable backrest; wide pad; adjustable armrests; including each a lumbar and neck cushions; Tubular steel frame designed from racing technology; Tilt mechanism with locking function
Max. Recording weight
100 kg