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DXRACER RACING SHIELD R1-NR Svartur Rauður Skrifstofu- eða Leikjastóll

Verð : 89.850kr

Vörunúmer : DxGC-R1-NR-M2

Lagerstaða : Til á lager


Compared to the majority of office chairs on the market offers DXRACER Racing Shield Gaming Chair is a high back, which supports the entire spine from the pool floor to the neck. With a seatback angle of up to 135 ° of DXRACER Racing Shield Gaming Chair can be placed almost in lying position. Including a relaxation keeping is possible by ongoing work. The 3D armrests can be adapted tailor-made. The robust hub ensures a sound footing, and the five solid double security roles for the necessary flexibility at the desk. The U-shaped headrest and the lumbar pillow along with the dense cold foam in the seat to help maintain a good attitude even after long hours at the computer.
Full details
Type game seat
Colour black red
EAN 7340136103477
Manufacturer no. GC-R1-NR-M2
Type game seat
armrest 3D
material reference leatherette
  turnstile Aluminum IC
Load capacity up to 150 kg
height Suitable from 175 cm to 195 cm
mass 25 kg